February 05, 2010

Language? It's Your Choice!

Language always is query for me. Particularly it is system for decoding and encoding information. What turn out to be attractive is how it be significant inheritance in our world. I used to ask around where it comes from, why is it different for an area to another. According to the National Virtual Translation Center, there are about 6,900 languages in the world, not included any dialects, or ancient ones. Amazing, right?

Well, in this era, when people can reach other side of world with one finger push, uniformity of language is really required. How can we communicate with other people, when we don’t understand their language? Fortunately, be honest I don’t know where it begins, English becomes international language. So now, there won’t be any misunderstanding, if we all use English.

Concerned with blogging issue, in my country, Indonesia, a lot of people have used English in their writings. From kids, like Evita Nuh, teenagers like Putri Erdisa, young adult like Casseybunn, even fully grown-up, like Sitta Karina. It’s everyone’s choice. Disappointingly, some people judge they don’t love their own country. They are criticized, if they don’t apply their own language, it means they don’t appreciate Indonesian as unitary language. For a while, I even have seen there are peoples leave bitter comments in their writing, curse them, and say something cynical, like why don’t you use your own language? Don’t dare to use English if you aren’t competent in it, or fix your Indonesian before using English. Like they do to him. It’s rude! I don’t think people who shout it out, even don’t have braveness to speak with other language, beside Indonesian. And, if we do mistakes, or imperfection in using English, it’s only part of our study progress, right? We’re Indonesian; we aren’t used to apply English, so it doesn’t matter if we do some mistakes, right?

I learn, you learn, we learn. We’re human, never be apart from learning process. If I have some grammar mistakes, please tell me, but not in harass words, because when you say it roughly, it signifies that you don’t recognize the value of learning.
And, once again, it’s a choice. I don’t say people who use Indonesian are worse than who use English. In blogging world, I find many great blogger, and they use Indonesia. And I love them. For real. So, it doesn’t matter what you choose, but please respect what other prefer for their life.


  1. For me, I love foreign languages more than anything. I'm learning french, japanese etc. And I'd love to speak with foreigners (especially the cute ones :P) . It gives me new experiences.
    My mentors said that they think my language skill is far better from my health-science skill. *sigh
    But I think it's okay since I gain respect from them with this talent.
    Though I do not consider it as a talent. It's a hobby. :)

  2. huhuuu.. iyaa gue juga pernah digituin looh. ga kasar sih ngomongnya, cuman ya gituu.. bilang kenapa gue ga pake bahasa indonesia aja. padahal gue juga lagi belajar, masalahnya bahasa inggris tuh kalo ga dipake tuh suka lupaa, apalagi skarang gue udah ga sekolah dan ga pake sama sekali. jadi ya blog pelampiasan salah satunya :P

  3. I don't write my blog in Khmer too. But it's bcoz of the scripts aren't formatable in blogshere, so I can't write it in.

    I've come across Indonesian bloggers who write in their own tongue and I'm like "wow, how convenience would it be if I could write in Khmer scripts, too?"

  4. hi :)
    i have an award for you.
    please visit http://soulitary-pedestrian.blogspot.com/2010/02/sekedar.html to take it.

    cheers :)

  5. great post!! like your words!! and I totally agree with youu..

    actually write in English or Indonesia is not a matter of whether you love your country or not..I would say that it's more about the purpose of your blog..if you want international people read your blog then you should write in english coz they wouldn't understand if you write it in Bahasa. and if you just want to share your thought for Indonesian only, then you just write in Bahasa..just as simple as that..hehe


  6. ohya,
    in my previous visit, i forgot to say:
    i love this post! :)

    choosing any language for blogging is fine for me. English, bahasa indonesia, even local languages such as minang or melayu riau are just fine and fun to be used in blogging.
    i believe only a narrow-minded man will say something cynical upon our choice of language.

    have a nice weekend :)

  7. I agree with FIKA. And I think it`s our choice to decide what we gonna use. Mother language is important, but the other foreign language is also urge for this global issue (especially since we knew that some of the global information came from abroad).
    At least we have to learn English instead the other "difficult language".
    So it is better for us to know (read:understand) few (better much) the other foreign language. We can make a lot of friends around the world, right? Life is just as worth as a big world. we just fill in each empty brain and let make it works..

  8. waaahhh gimana aku ya yang bahasanya kacau banget... indonesia dicampur inggris... kadang campur betawi... hehehehehe....

  9. yea i agree with you
    and probably the reason i use english in my blog is to communicate more globally
    thats it
    it doesnt mean that i dont love my own languange


  10. Waaa a very nice post! :)

    i began blogging using bahasa and as time goes by, i want my blog to be read by international readers too :p
    although i know there are much/many/lots of grammatical error, but it's a part of learning, doesn't it?

    really love this post! ^^

  11. wah.. disini gak hanya blognya tapi juga komen dari temen2 nya bu dela pake bahasa "luar" hihihi...

    Salut buat dela.. :-)
    aku rasa banyak orang yang menjadi terinspirasi dengan penggunaan bahasa mu del.. bahasa yang jujur.. apa adanya... dan mengalir.. dengan apapun bahasanya..

    tetap semangat..
    Kapan2 ajari aku yo.. :-)

  12. thats true.. i think english is a very global language.. if a person wants to use it then why not.. no harm.. besides, theres nothing wrong with writing in any language u want.. own blog, own choice ? :)

  13. How come using English in writing can be an evidence that we don't love our country?
    That's a misjudgment. Gimme high five Del! use whatever language in blogging as long as we fell comfortable with it!

  14. @ all.. thank you! you're such sweet commentators! yes, we're all learning to try to respect each other, and avoid some misjudgments from their chosen language. So, for my all blogger friend, keep writing in your language! try your best, and be confident.

  15. berkunjung dan ditunggu kunjungan baliknya mau comment ga mudenk je pk bhs inggris hehe

  16. duh bahasa inggris saya aja gabener semuaa.. jadi maluu hehe

  17. Oh well, the funny thing is my friends are kinda lazy to read my blog if I write it in English :D

    But the reason I write (sometimes) in English is so I can share my story with more people in the world. Not only Indonesian :]

    Kalau nasionalisme yg dijadikan permasalahan, gimana dgn postingan yg isinya ttg keindahan dan keragaman Indonesia dan ditulis dlm b.Inggris? Bukannya itu malah bagus? ;]

    By the way, love your blog dear!

    I'll put your link on mine, ok? :]