January 29, 2010

TGIF (Announcement for Giveaway!!)

hi all, how're you doing?
i am still eventful anyway, but still, i can't refrain to inscribe any post here.
so here what i'd like to tell.

maybe, you have no ideas, but one of my passions is book. i love reading books! My mom bequeaths her reading hobby to me, she never gave me any dolls or toys when i was kid, she always brought me newspaper, magazine, and book.
so, now, i grow up with unlimited affection to books. i read fast! i used to spend a book in a day, paused only when i have to eat or bath, but now, when i am required to work, i have to minimize my reading quantity. sad, of course, but what am i supposed to do? :)
just be grateful, that i still can purchase several books in a month, though i can't afford imported ones. it's so expensive! maybe, you can tell me, where can you buy secondhand import books?
the matter is it must be exciting if i can share my intention of books to all of you. i made Goodreads account, but it seems like only few of us own it. so, i decide to create new blog, for contributing what i've read. yes, it's like book's reference, i can't describe better, maybe you should visit it.
so, here my new blog, it will contain references of my favorite book, or what i am currently reading. i plan to create some giveaways too, of course if you're interested.

so, feel free to visit below links.


there will be giveaways, free books for all of you soon, so always follow my blogs! thank you for all, and i wanna say, "Thanks God It's Friday", although i believe tomorrow isn't already a weekend for me. :)


  1. pengen bisa baca buku-buku yg lain. tp buku yg dibaca buku kuliah, abis ngga ada waktu buat baca yg lain :(

    salam kenal ya,makasih sudah berkunjung

  2. Wadoooh...si eneng punya blog isinya bahasa sunda semua, urang teu ngarti atuh...he..he

    Kunjungan balik, makasih sudah mampir di blog saya yang amburadul..

    Salam kenal & salam hangat selalu..

  3. thank you dela..
    btw i never comment in hottalotta, i always use google account,jadi siapa ya? hmm...

    itung2 dia promosiin blog gw! haha :P

    thx for beautifull comment in my blog :)

  4. waduuw aku ga bisa pake google friend connect, tapi blog barunya udah aku follow pake bloglovin ;)

  5. yay for books :)
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. hi,dear..
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such beautiful comments <3
    Be sure to come back or help promoting Indonesian's art and culture while doing fashion ;p

  7. i'd like to share some book review with u dela!i've made a goodreads account, the one named 'misstyzha' :))

    your english make me say 'ooh'!please visit my blog if u don't mind


  8. hai hai
    i love books also, but now i like to read comics (thanks to my lovely niece hehe)

    tp skrg lg jarang baca buku nih...lg cinta pelem korea :D

  9. i never read books . hahaha . i hate the thickness and the sea of words..

    thx for the comment on my blog
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  10. kewl itu artinya apa sih???

    u loves book very much yaaaaa???