April 26, 2010

Big Spender

Why do I love shopping so much? Mostly, every girls love to shop, but I feel like uncontrolled in it. I love seeing cute things, petite cardigan, colorful legging, leather bag, and shoes…. Oh, I adore shoes a lot! High heels, wedges, flats, and now I am drooling only by thinking of them.
And books… well, it sounds nerd, I know, but I can’t handle if it involved to books. I have a thousand reasons to allow myself purchasing some books.
Well, I’ve been in love with shopping since I was in college, but with limited pocket money, I should be a smart spender. I was thrifty back then, so I could save some of my money. But, when I was employed, and had my own money, I was like, “Finally, I have my money to shop! My own money!” And I became irresponsible with that. I bought all things that I could afford back then. I became bad saver.
I feel sorry for that. I supposed to save my money. Well, I reserve to have some fun, but it’s too much. I am blinded with my own world. Maybe it’s hidden desire, which have existed from my college time. I don’t know.
Girls out there, do you feel the same? Please say yes to make me better! Or, maybe you can suggest some ideas to make me become smart spender?


  1. yah aku juga merasakan kegilaan belanja... semua hal kuanggep lucu,bagus,cantik sampai hubby terkadang harus menyeret aku menjauhi barang2 yang ingin kubeli hehehe

    haduh untuk saran apa yaaaa...karena aku juga gtu sih.. ;p
    tapi bikin 1 tabungan yg enggak ad atmny biar males ambil.. ampuh untukku dan kartu kredit jgn dibw pas belanja hehehe

  2. soal buku, ak jg merasakan hal yg sama. ak bisa brlama-lama di toko buku, nyusurin raknya satu2, dan akhirnya beli banyak buku..
    and i love bookfair..

    klo mnrt ak sih setidakny km coba sisihin uang km diawal dapat gaji, walo sedikit tp ada yg ditabung. jangan nunggu sisa.

  3. wahh.. dela apa kabarrrr?
    hihi..makasii sudah berkunjung lagii ke blog akuu ^^
    anyway, dela pernah comment mau pesen kebaya gamis kah? email me ajaa.. at gdagallery@yahoo.com

    about this post :

    iyyaaa! aku jugaaa gila sekali belanjaaa..hahahha.. tapi aku pikir gapapa dehh.. :) :)
    yg penting dari belanja ituu kita bisa dapet sesuatu, misalnya jadi pinter milihin..bisa jadi jualan (kalo aku mah gitu) hehee..atau jd punya sense tertentu..pokonya dapet suatu manfaat..

    dan satu lagi, yg penting shop more donate even more..hihihi :)

  4. I totally same as you... I never think or just let my self becoming a shopaholic as right now. In college I used to save my money and feel suprised when realized my saving was increasing, but that`s not for recent. Now, Everything seems to attract me to shop shop and shop. Even last week, I had a serious dizzy and it`s just gone only by shopping.. hahaha so ridiculous, but now I really have to counter my self. maybe we can just "stop visiting online shop" for the first step maybe...

  5. It turns out, It's not only me who love shopping and bookworm.
    You know sometimes I do no' know if I want to spend my money for fashion or books.
    Oia I'm your new follower!

  6. delaaaaa.... beneeerrr... shopping emang bikin hepi... seringkali kalo lagi sumpek, pengennya ngeluarin duit... hahaha

    setuju sih ma sarannya aishilely, dy & ghaida ^^
    *mau ngasi saran2 sotoy tp udh keduluan wehehehe

  7. im not much of a bookworm, but i do love strolling clothing store ! haha

    thanks for your comment :)
    glisters and blisters

  8. ALL girls go through this!!! I cleared out both my bank accounts recently because of some crazy splurges! i havent told my mom yet that my accounts amount to zilch haha! and yes, greetings from a fellow nerd. i think im a bigger one though. ;)