April 29, 2010

Paris van Java, I am coming!

A month ago, I went to Bandung for having a vacation. Too bad, I just have chance to share with all of you now. It really helped me to refresh my mind, you should do it too! I made no plan, just suddenly decided to go.

These are some pictures of my trip. well, notice it, i am not smart in photography, i have no idea about photos editing, so apologize if you see many shortages in them. It's just for fun!

Yummmmmy one! Actually, I doubt its taste til I smell its sweet-flavor. Hmm.. We were having this one in Istana Plaza, Bandung.

My bestie, Wulan, who just graduated from college. This trip was like celebrating her graduation. Congrats her! We went to Paris van Java, and decided to give a try with Sushi Groove.  Never been before. Actually, they didn't disappoint us, besides an accident include seasonings there. Too embarrassing if I should tell you here. So, let it be me and Wulan's secret forever! :) 

After we had enough, we went to Blitz Megaplex for watching Dear John, a movie, played by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Pretty impressive, especially in Channing's role. Oh, ladies, we all love Channing, don't we? *wink*

Night was coming, and we headed toward Ngopdul, a coffee shop, which located in Dipati Ukur. Rain felt down rapidly, we were tired, so we didn't take many picture there. But, one I remember, I love its chicken wings! (oh, c'mon, to be frank, I love chicken wings, wherever they're served! :) )

I was enjoying those moments, and having some fun! And, I can't wait to do it again! How do you think, Wulan? :)
Anyway, have you had such as enjoyable vacation? Do share with me, if you have place that you think people should be going to!


  1. The pictures are so fun to watch! Nice vocation you had here and a lot of interesting stuff. Thumb up!

  2. waooow.....I've never visited Bandung. It must be very interesting walking with a friend and eating some delicacies.
    Great vacation !!

  3. yummy~~ ^^

    i want to visit Bandung too, but i dunno when can i be there >.<

  4. kapan yah bs jalan2 lagi ke bandung....
    jadi pengennn.... ^^

  5. hello dela! you have some pretty pictures! i love the captions you put on them! :D
    i actually went to bandung a while back! it was for my dad's subordinate's wedding but we had lots of fun nevertheless. :) if only i knew you earlier then maybe we could meet up! :)

  6. aaaaa.. dela kalo ke bandung bilang bilaaaang dong!

    siapa tau kita bisa bertemu dan bermain bersama dan berfoto bersama..hihihihi

  7. aaah, lupa kalo gda juga di bandung. kemarin cuma 2 hari, sebentar banget, kapan-kapan pasti bilang deh! :)

  8. waah,makanannya...
    bikin pengeen =p

  9. hai delaaa,wah aku jadi kangen banduung,hehehe,padahal bru 2 minggu yg lalu ke sana,Bandung itu selalu ngangeniin looh :)

  10. aaahhh Delaaa I envy youuuuu...
    wanna go to bandung..
    wanna eat sushi groove (I've never eaten it but I heard it's good)


  11. u and ur bestie look a like? :D

  12. mbak eka.. everyone say we are like twin! hahaha.. XD