September 28, 2010

What's wrong, dude?

It drives me crazy. Nothing annoys me more than bad mood, unfinished report and task, and this crazy gadget!

So, it's my first time purchasing netbook online in No worries, although it's first time, but I've heard many good testimonial from their customer. Beside that, Bhinneka is one of leading computer webstore, so I should have no worries, right?
So, my boyfriend purchased this HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition for me. Weird, after three days, my netbook started beeping weirdly. And, after that, it freezed, and went black. I only opened two office windows, not tough application, so I had no idea what's going wrong.

It happened on and on, and at least I was so annoyed and I almost cried in office, because I should undo my job continously because of its failure.

After that, I asked my boyfriend to go to Bhinneka, and ask my notebook to be exchanged with new one. New one,of course, I didn't any services, I've just bought it for 3 days! So, there he went, and I didn't know if he checked that they really give a new one or no.

I received my "new" netbook.Strangely, when I started to browse, it had my previous history in Mozilla Firefox. Completely. It was my habit to not signing off any accounts if I open it in my personal PCor laptop, and when I tried to open twitter, it directlyopened into homepages. Without sign-in page. Weird, huh? I know, they moved all my datas and document to my "new" netbook, but I don't think it can be applied to password too. As I know, if we change our netbook, we'll receive clean history, and we should re-enter id name and password. Correct me if I am wrong.

So, was it mean that Bhinneka didn't change my netbook? I have no idea, but then my netbook started beeping again like previous "old" one, and went black again. similar like"old" one. My boyfriend tried to contact Bhinneka via phone, messenger, but he turned to be ignored and thrown one to another.

I was running out of time, there are many deadlines to be caught up,and they didn't even want to listen. I didn't know what's wrong with my netbook, one thing I am sure of that it'll be my first and last time purchasing things in Bhinneka.

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