September 23, 2010


This morning, like my daily habit everyday when I arrive at the office, I opened my twitter timeline (yes, I always open twitter first EVERY DAY, so? it's good chance to see what's interesting today. Example, i found very recent trailer from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows! check it!), I read a friend's tweet which tickled my mind. The point is, is it true when we're growing up, our best friends will begin to go away from us, and we start our own life, separated, limited communication?

It makes me thinking. Am I? And I realize that it's true. When I am growing up, older, and older, there will be several things, come in life, and become new priority. Job, yes it is. Boyfriend, who will gonna be my spouse, of course I should take care of him seriously. Future planning, what I am gonna do for living, financial planning for my financial kids. Sooner or later, whether you want or no, you have to think all of them.

It doesn't mean that I forget my friends. Our togetherness. Fun. I was having good times with them. Without them, I couldn't be who I am today. It would totally be different me. But when I should arrange new priorities now, it'll be different of 5 years-ago me. Yes, it's annoying to be adult, we aren't as free as before, there are many responsibilities to be handled, but it's all life process. One day, when we have lost our capability to work, we'll face those free days again. Watching our grandchildren playing, gardening, maybe? Every human is living their own process.

And, yes, we're different to another. Maybe, I am kind of person who have this perspective, prioritize one thing above another. But, maybe there are people who can live their life with having fun while working. But I try to balance every aspects in my life. And I do hope that each friendship who have existed in my life, will last forever. Maybe we don't have good quality like it was, but, we can keep it living, right? Gloomy light will be better than darkness at all.

Everyone who has been involved in my life, of course have important role. They play their own part to bring me to this day. No matter how small they contribute, I always know that they have butterfly effect in my life.

I love my friends! Wherever they are, whatever they do, and however long we don't keep contact, I still love you!!!


  1. twitter...aku malah jarang buka hehehe
    merencanakan untuk masa kini dan masa depan emang penting...^^

  2. haaa totally true!
    at first when we graduated, we felt that we're gonna miss our friends... Promised to keep contact... but then we're getting busy in our own way :(

    hehe so true... being adult means more responsibility!
    makin menghargai jerih payah orang tua :)

  3. I do the same, I always log in to twitter, facebook first before working. hehehe

    I thought I was the only one who feels that when we grow older, friends seems like so far away and we begin to live our own life. I don't wanna grow older, I wanna be with my friends, spend time together. but what we can do, we should stand by our own feet now.