September 22, 2010

Red and White

Well, when my country is having bilateral problems with nearest neighborhood country, and everyone develop their rage and nationalism, I should be honest that I don't know what's wrong in my head. I am not proud of being Indonesian. Truly. Should I say that if another country offered me its nationality, it will be very possible that I will nod and say yes.

Am I wrong? When everyone compete to perform their nationalism, hold several demonstration, attack the ambassador of our "enemy", I do think that they shouldn't do that way. People act vandalism everywhere, and fighting, as they know what it's all about. Yes, I know, many people were getting killed in order struggling our independence, but still. Never give respect to a country who isn't able to protect their own citizen. Country who doesn't have proper government, and representative parliament whose job is spend our taxes for having fun and shopping abroad. Yes, you maybe say, "Hey, never ask what your country has given to you, but think what you have given to your country", but I don't care. I live here, I work here, I work in government body, I pay taxes to country. Would it be too much, if I ask few kindness from my own country?

1 comment:

  1. hey, i couldn't agree more with you! i know exactly what you're talking about. what's going on right now between our countries should stop :|
    the governments should think about the people. i don't like this thing at all!