March 04, 2011


So, I was mellowed yesterday night, couldn't sleep, and decided to edit some old pics from my batch-mate. It was fun, indeed, and sad, realized that we will separate in long time. So, here the result, hope you enjoy!

Well, I did mistake while editing pic above. It's me, had been sleeping. I should insert "Rubi", she is one who wear purple clothes. too lazy to re-edit it. :)

As I said, before you realize, there are many people, who have leaved footprints in your life, whether you like it or not. Someday, when we get older and older, and keep busy with our own business, hope we will see their prints once again, and remember that they are real. They were there, and always be there. :)


  1. I love the way you said it : footprint...

    yep,,, what a beautiful time-used, karena hasilnya kreatif banget dan kocak jugah...

    salam melow tapi kreatif yah ^^

  2. Foto2 yang kamu edit ini keren lho.... pake software nya apa yah?
    kreatif banget