June 05, 2011

It's All About Money!!!

As a young, who just start in independent working life (it's almost three years actually), I've tried to support myself without parents help. People may think it's easy, but it's not actually. I am not a spoiled child, my family live properly, we are not rich, but we can't feed ourselves well. :p I could buy stuffs I wanted by saving, my mother rarely buy me stuffs, except on my birthday, or some celebrations, but usually I should work to get it. In my college, I rarely bought any clothes, shoes, accessories, because I used to spend my allowance in books.

There, when I started working and get my own salary, I feel satisfied. A lot. It's a lot of money, and I've earned it by myself (well, although after now, I don't look it as a lot of money, but still I should be grateful). At that time, I thought since I never had chance to buy fancy things, why not now? So, I shopped, shopped, and shopped. Without realizing, I've spent my first year of working without having any savings.

Thanks God, I never had to ask from my parents, think I have big ego for it. But, then, one afternoon, my mother asked me jokingly, how much I have saved throughout my working period. Then, bam! Uh-oh, such an awareness was hitting me, then I think, could I put aside small amount of my payment into saving account? Yes, of course, I can. :)

Now, after almost three years, I must confess that I still struggle with this saving thing. It's still hard for me, although I've specified percentage of saving every months, but when temptations come (shoes and books! they kill me! argh!!), I still did a little cheating, and cut the percentage. Shame on me. But at least, I've tried, and I never miss a month. For saving. Not cheating. Thanks God again, I have a boyfriend, who saves diligently, and always remind me how important saving is.

PS. After learning a lot from books, friends, websites, I've tempted to do some investments, but I've reminded that I still had this short term goal. Hope I can accomplish it one by one, amin.. amin! :) :)


  1. my Dad told me,
    money is not everything,
    but money eases everything.
    hahahah :D

  2. Amiin. Let's try saving and less cheating.