July 25, 2011

Evil World

From the beginning, I know life is not always running well. There should be obstacles everywhere, every time. I've also known that people are not always be good. We've learned that people can be so evil, mean in their own way. That's all I've already learned, but when it comes down on me, it just bang! Like an unexpected event, with no sign, bad thing happens to me.

I really have no idea, why people can be so evil. When you think you've already done well, and even you've tried to achieve the best from you, there comes people who try to let you down, accuse you with something that you didn't do, spread bad word about you. How come they? There we go, to every human's weakness. Money. When it comes to money, it's like they can do whatever they like. They do everything without noticing, whether people they've blamed is have feelings, have family ( who hurt by their accusation).

Feels so sad about it, but lesson learned. I do believe in God, and I am quite sure that He will protect us, and treat us equally. So, until it comes, may the innocent be patient.


  1. True. Human can be Evil sometimes. Let's try hard so we didn't do the same.

  2. some people become evil for pride, for lust, for envy, for greed. but the world is running in an equation system. there'll be consequence for every deed. and in the end, we can only try our best.

  3. hi della.. no need to feel that bad..
    i guess the world is a mix of a good and bad,.. i always try to think positively myself so that the "evil spirits" wont weight me down :)

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