July 19, 2011

Lovely Leave (part 1)

After waiting for a year (with no holiday), finally I got permission for 10 day leave. I got many plans, where to go,what to do, too bad, because it's weekday, it's a little bit hard to get a companion. Thank God, my boyfriend was permitted to take a leave for two days, and with some friends, we went to Tidung Island in Kepulauan Seribu. It was so beautiful place, and most important is you can enjoy the trip with limited budget.

Bicycling around the island

At the bridge, which connects Tidung Island and Tidung Kecil Island

Guess, sunset or sunrise??

At the west dock, when first arriving in island
I stayed for two days and a night, it was tiring day, because we had all activities packed in two days! Bicycling, snorkeling, taking a walk around the island (you can visit the whole island by taking a walk, it's a tiny pretty island!). Well, I definitely want to come back the other holiday. :)
If you are interested, you can visit Tidung Island from Muara Angke port or Marina port. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the island by ship. There are many travel packaging to there too.

I'll continue my holiday story in next post. Hope it won't bother you! :D

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  1. aaaahhh your vacation looks great :D

    seriously a year with no holiday?? well surely you deserve the joyful leave ;D

    PS: can u recommend how much Rp should we prepare to enjoy tidung island? :p *interested*