July 29, 2011

Lovely Leave (part 2)

Felt a bit sorry, because I don't plan this holiday very well, but I was quite satisfied with the result. I was only hanging in Jakarta and around after going back from Tidung. My next stop is Jakarta Book Fair in Istora Senayan. For me, it's like a heaven, seeing so many books from many publishers, sold with cheap prize, and good discount! I didn't take many pictures (of course, I was busy shopping, what do you expect?), and ended with, umm, okey.. a lot of books. Feel guilty, because even now I haven't finished all those books yet. But, anyway, why's so hurry? :)
My babies! Sorry for bad quality, I am not into photography, and only took this with BB camera. I have read The Da Vinci Code, but I couldn't stand to see that they sell its special edition with good price! :D I've read some of them, and as far my favorite is Nasional.is.me by Pandji. Inspiring book with a lot of touching quotes!
Actually I didn't buy Madre at the book fair, I got it delivered a day before, so I guess  it's still counted as holiday purchasing. :p The book is awesome, quite interesting, with an unique topics, but it will be better if we discuss it in another blog. :p

Along with the book fair, there were many events held at those weekend. There are Sound Festive, which presented Boyce Avenue. I was so tempted, but it's found later that I am too tired after spending time around, so I decided to go home. Buuut, before going home, I found JakCloth, a festive which presents local brands from Indonesia, held in Plaza Tenggara GBK. So, I thought, why not put a visit? :D

I didn't buy a lot, but quite impressed with a booth named Cotton Island. It sold many beautiful shawl, cardigan, wide leg pants, all made from cotton. Its price is affordable, and when I got there, they gave big discount. Yay!!! You can visit their shop here!
Wearing one of Cotton Island's shawl
Last day on my leave, I went to my best friend's wedding in Bogor. It was beautiful, decorated with pink and gray theme, I honestly never see people using pink in wedding before, but it's really cute. Meet some college friends there, what a perfect day! Wedding always bring me an extraordinary happiness, to see my friends grow up, and ready to start a new life, new challenge in their life!

Look at the pink ornaments behind. It was pretty. And they put a lot of pink and white roses everywhere!
Happy Wedding, friend!
Well, this is it! I guess I was having some fun, refreshed from all daily activities. Hope I can take another leave soon! And at this time, I'll make sure that I've planned it well.


  1. well, at least you have a holiday. i don't get any :(

    anyway, enjoy ur day :D
    ohya, the pictures are nice :)

  2. oooooo trnyataa.. nikahan rizal jd agenda liburan y

  3. Melirik tumpukan buku yang belum dibaca...

  4. @Rakun : Then you should have one, soon! :D

    @Vega : Iya dunk Ve! Rizal kan penting buat kita! hihihi..

    @Ceritaeka : *ikutnangis*