October 05, 2011

Find the Love in the Wild

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So, I watched this dating reality show (yes and I kinda liked it. It was silly, a little bit shallow, lots of plot hole, but it entertained me) called Love in The Wild. The show was aired on NBC. Basically, it's like Bachelor or Bachelorette, but the show took place in the middle of Costa Rica jungle, which is I wasn't pretty sure that it's a real WILD JUNGLE, because there were many pretty cottages, pools, and whirlpools there, but you know, TV, we practically forced to believe everything that we saw on it.

I am not gonna discuss this show, or how it works, you go googling it! Haha.. The thing is I had rooted for this couple since the first episode, and they finally became the winner. The winner couple get to travels around the world. FOR FREE. So much for jealousy.

So, Mike and Samantha (the winner) started their world journey at September 25, and they are allowed to pick 10 itinerary, wherever they want, as long as it's still on Planet Earth. And, lucky me, they decided to blog about their journey. So, here I am, read their experience with envy, especially for Rome part. And, they just finished 3 spots!

Visit their blog to follow their travel, and feel the jealousy like I feel! :)

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