October 07, 2011

Foot Protection and Fashion

Every woman must have their heroine. Me, myself, love shoes very much. While it's so common, but I always reconsider my will to purchase some clothes or bag, and go buying a new shoes. Maybe it started from my limited allowance since high school, and then I talked to myself that someday I'll put aside a bit of my salary for having new shoes (and books, but we aren't discussing it now) every month.
Now, I am a working girl (or woman? It's so hard to decide whether I've already became a woman or not), I find some freedom of shopping. It's kinda out of limit sometimes, looking at many pretty, chic shoes around, I often unable to handle myself, and it usually ends by me, examining my saving balance devastatingly. But, with many local products and affordable products around, I am able to draw a sigh of relief. At least with Wondershoe, I am able to purchase two pairs of flat without feeling guilty. UP provide high class design and fabrics, with affordable price. Too bad,they often run out of materials, so some of their designs are discontinued. Payless Shoesources is a new girl in town. I don't know where this shop comes from (too lazy to google, sorry, you do it for me! :) ), but it supplies many good brands with various designs, and AFFORDABLE price. Again. Well, for middle class society like me, price is always been a priority for shopping consideration. :)

But, for shoes, comfort is always be a number one. For some people, having blister is a bless, but for me it's a big no. So, choose your shoes wisely, and happy shopping! Have a good Friday. :)


  1. pernah kesana mau beliin Nina
    ehh..tawnya barangnya g ready, hrsnya telpon dulu ya... hee
    (pengalaman pertama dan terakhir)

    Oh ya Del, kq aq gbsa comment di blogku sndiri itu knapa ya?

  2. you look so cute.

    greeting from indonesia.