November 08, 2011

Better than Bloodline

One thing I've learned about friendship for these years, that there are really many various friendship. You can't force what friendship you're into, instead letting it flow and be what it be.
Friendship could be suck and annoying, even involves some backstabbing. Whether some of you wonder, "how could it called friendship", but I assure you some think that it's really worth it. I have many experience of this kinda friendship, I even confuse myself why even I try to maintain this relationship while I know sometimes (s)he could speak behind me, or do an inconvenient act who disturbs me. The thing is maybe I am weighing thing. Maybe I am trying to judge whether they are still worth-friend called.
And, look Serena and Blair? Patrick and Spongebob? Even the bestest friend have their own quarrel. But, somehow they manage their personal issues, and turn it into something precious that they know they have to protect it until the end. No matter how hard it is to make up after big fighting, they surely did it, and come back into the dynamic duo.
You'll find your way to recognize what's good and bad from your friends. Don't give to keep trying and valuing your friendship. :) :)

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