May 14, 2012

They said, after a hard storm, rainbow appears. So I got many rainbows today.

1. My boss gave me a present for umm.. achieving best employee so far. Alhamdulillah.
This one is from my supervisor. That's sweet of her.
My big boss gave all these colorful notebooks. I got exactly what I want, a notebook with black leather cover. Love!
2. Took our photos from studio. They are so cute!

3. My friend, Retno, got a bunch of DIY stickers and postcards from Widi, our batch friend back then at the training. They are so beautiful. 
Check his blog!
4. My husband and I arrange our next vacation! Insya Allah, it will be on November, so let's start planning! Where? Let's see!

Today turns out great, except the fact that I had to separate with my husband. For a while. Now can't wait til Wednesday and having our loooong weekend.
What makes you happy today? Share here please! :)

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