January 27, 2014

37th weeks..

... means three weeks to go.

And all I know that I've became most unproductive employer at the office, feel exhausted so often all I wanna do is lay down and keep breathing properly. I was sure that I'm not overweight, but man, this baby I grew up so fast and now I've gained 13 kgs! So started my diet last week, no more chocolate, ice cream, less sugar and carbo. Some of my friends assured me that's okay, that they gained more than that when they were pregnant, but I wanna make sure that everything's alright. Thank God my baby's weight is normal, it's about 2900 grams now. Oh my, I almost can't breath when I have to climb up to third floor every day, it's good that I'll start my maternity leave next week, I think I can't take it anymore!

Visited doctor yesterday and he said everything is normal, the baby position is good, my amniotic fluid is good and enough, hopefully I can deliver normally. Although I think I want the best for my baby (and me) so any delivery method is approved, I don't wanna be some crazy idealistic mom to be. Hope my (strong) competitive side won't bother me too much when it comes to raise this baby.

So, hopefully next post will be good news, won't it? :)


  1. 37 minggu juga udah masuk full term lho. udah bisa anytime tuh. hahaha.

    moga2 semuanya lancar2 dan sehat2 yaaa :)

    1. Tlimakasiii.. tungguin good news-nya yaah :D

  2. Artikelnya sangat menarik dan bisa menjadi inspirasi banyak orang. Terimakasih yah sudah berbagi informasi seperti ini. Salam kenal.