May 05, 2014

Being a Mother....

... is not easy!

I know it's hard, but I really didn't think it will be THIS HARD. The first three months was struggle, I am no domestic woman, I had baby blues, I had to take care everything by myself in first two months because we still get no nanny. Salute to all mother in the world!

So many things to tell but first, lemme show you my bundle of joy. Zafran Mahawira Yusuf.

2 days old

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old
I also struggled with motherhood. I always thought I will instantly fall in love with my baby, because I read many pretty story about new mom or delivery story. It didn't happen in my case. Felt pretty bad about myself, but then my friend told me (she is a mother too). She said, not every delivery comes with motherhood feeling instantly, but it built up strongly through the time. Now I am realizing this, and I love my baby more and more in every seconds in my life!


  1. Delaaaa, congratulations for your baby!!! Kyaaaa!!! Lucu bangeeettt..
    Aku masih program nih, semoga bisa segera nyusul punya yang ngegemesin... Kena baby blues juga gapapa deh yang penting ngerasain motherhood hehehe... *cuma bisa ngomong doang, belum ngerasain*
    Sekali lagi selamat yaaaa ^0^

    1. Iya baby blues mah cuma bentar, insya Allah Tia.. Nanti kebahagiaannya for a lifetime, insya Allah.. Semoga dilancarkan ya Tia.. :D

  2. I have a friend who also afraid she couldn't love her baby but the love comes eventually day by day :) You are a great mom!
    Semangat ya Dellaaaa