August 13, 2014


..mungkin salah satu posting yang paling nyenye disini.

I miss being youth and alay. I miss listening sad songs while thinking how pathetic my life is. I miss being irresponsible for anything. I miss weeping in the corner of my room, crying of love. I miss watching rain outside with gloomy heart. I miss doing every non-logical and childish thing. I miss writing my journal, not about life vision, family matters, future, but about what happened today, why I am so happy, and every tiny unimportant things. I miss my silent night. I miss me being alone.

It is so hard to tell, you know why? Because while I am missing all things above, I know deep in my heart I don't want to change a thing about my life now. Although I rarely (even can't!) do those things again. I am too busy live my life, now.


  1. Ahaha aku malah nggak mau nngerasin begitu.. Masih kesisa rasanya.. rada sakit di dada :)