November 16, 2015

#YogyaSoloTrip : Prologue

So, no, I didn't go to Yogya and Solo.

But yes, I went to Yogya alone.

Have I told you that I have the best husband ever? Nope, I am not exaggerating it. When I told him coyly maybe I need sometimes alone after everything that happened in my family (plus the load of my work nowaday!), no wonder I felt so overwhelmed (and yes, a little bit depressed). I never flying solo before, never travelling alone except for work. Suprisingly, he agreed, even more excited than me. I never assumed he was serious until few weeks ago.

I planned to take two days leave from office, but hadn't plan to go anywhere. The choice is visited IKEA (yeeeah, right), or go somewhere near with Zafran (Taman Safari?). I didn't feel right to leave Zafran at home as usual and went to my husband alone because of some things. Then husband said, what if I went to Yogyakarta whether Zafran and him went visiting my mother in law in Semarang? I laughed at the idea at first. Nooooo, leaving Zafran alone with you for the whole four days? But then the idea creeped me out, I found that I was thinking about it again and again. Four days just for myself! Then who am I kidding? My husband is excellent with Zafran. I trust him more than he trusts me, And more than I trust myself. I really can't trust myself to handle Zaf alone, to be truth. But he can do it.

Sooo, I asked him again, he still said yes, I might go. Til we arrived to the airport and sat at the boarding gate (we were at same gate, their flight boarded five minutes earlier than mine), I still asked if he was sure. And man, does he ever doubt about it. So they went first, and I waited until my turn. I cried a little in my heart, after all I am still a mother. But kid was so calm and was not anxious when separating with me. I still remember the horror and questioning look from a man who sat beside us, realized that I wasn't going with my husband and son, hahaha.

And the trip begun. Hello Yogya, long time no see :)

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