January 01, 2018

Auld Lang Syne

As we grew up (or old?), hub and I started to ignore all these New Year brouhaha. This year is no exception. Yes, we ordered some deliveries but only because little one suddenly woke up at 10 pm and wouldn't get to sleep again. Guess he'd like to celebrate New Year after all. Or not. He was freaking out of firework. Not a big fan. He asked to be hugged every time he heard fireworks. So yeah.

2017 was awesome yet tiring for me. For us. We made some big decisions, life-changing ones (for us!). We spent almost half of our savings to renovate our little home. Thank God the result was amazing. But then, we made decision to move from that-said home to another city, simply because we wanted to live together as family, not having long distance one as we'd been living since many years ago.

So yeah, financially we're doomed. Haha. I was having severe homesick, although all this time I was the one who'd been buggering my husband to move out. I missed sleeping in my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen. But reality set in. Now this is our home too. Not perfect with freaking hot weather, but maybe let's try to live with it?

Little things happened too. I'd been learning to drive since last 2016, but in 2017 I started to drive on my own. 2017 marked the beginning of my job as my son's private Uber driver. Hahaha. Now I can proudly say that I've been experiencing some inter-state driving (and one of them, it was only both of us, my son and I, I still think it was some miracle), but I still sucks at parking. Why why why it's so difficult.

I do hope 2018 will be good to us. To everyone. I'll be 30 in 2018! Is it insane? Let's start the anti aging skin care regime then!

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