January 16, 2009

MIND is more than a CUBE

Another ordinary day. I've lived my daily life calmful. there were sparks, surprises, but after all, everything comes dull. life works like an ocean. It swallows everything in the same manner, from tiny pebbles to something gigantic like the Titanic, and goes flat again within seconds, leaving no evidence of its unusual appetite.

My mind wandered more than my body could. She (yeah,my mind has double X chromosomes,hehe..no offence) flies to every places, every times, moments, even to wildest dream which never be thought before. My mind travelled a lot. Once, she went to Roma. Great city, full history. Visited Colloseum,watched gladiator. Walked through Titus Gate,toward Forum Romanum,and enjoyed what was left then. She decided to come to Vatikan too, fulfilled her passion for seeing Basilica Santo Petrus. No religion issues. It's all about history, and how we respect it.

Once, my mind went home. To a tiny little room. Single bed, two dolls, a big mirror, and a closet, full of books. She played alone, opened a wood box, read old diaries, all from her pasts. She laughed when remember sweet and funny thing, cried when read sad memories. She freezed a while when found an album. Some pics from a past. It was her. Happy, smiled, between her grandpa and grandma. They're already in heaven now. She sighed, but realized then, best do is honesty.

From home, she rushed to her second home. Place where she spent her adulthood, through her sweet 17, far away from family and home. Place where she finally anchored her heart. She walked, tried to remember everything she has learned here. She smiled, when she saw messy house, full of smokes. She entered it, found some guys were chatting. Some are smoking, the other feed colorful fishes in aquarium. They teased each other. They made dirty jokes about anything. They're pervert, sometimes, but she knew that she'll love them always.

Life's maybe dull,people. But, not with your mind.

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