January 06, 2009


nothing's significant today, and it's just like any other ordinary days.. (remember single from Vanessa Carlton? yeah.. life is like uh-so-boring, oops! i sigh again! very bad of me..)

just wanna tell you some unimportant stuff.

1. happy birthday for my very bestest friend, Lan!!!!
we've been best friend for a long time, and i've done various ways to say happy birthday, but it's my first time to express it via blog. hope she'll be happy.
u turn 21, gal!!!! it's unbelievable how time change rapidly. yesterday, we were naughty girls, played around, flirted some guys (oh yeah, we also do it now), and now.. voila! suddenly, you're 21!!
dear, time passes by, and now you're getting older, but remember? we used to say "Old is a must, but maturity is a choice. so, are u ready to get mature?

2. I found very motivating blog. it would great to read it. click here.

3. yesterday, i read very good book, titled "Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa", written by Sammaria, published by Gagas Media. i seldom refer any kind of books or movies or musics, but it's too good to be indifferent. read it. it only costs 26 thousands rupiahs, and u will find an honest story inside.

4. mum called me last night, and we chatted about her friend's daughter's wedding party unintended. um, i must say i was a bit shocked when mum mentioned its budget. well, pick a number and place eight zeros behind. i just don't believe it, how can people spend lotsa money for one-night-party????
haha, i have no idea how i'll celebrate my wed, my mum laughed when i asked her. sounds ridiculous, must be another way, so we must not pay a lot.
Lan propose that we should join our wedding party, and hold it at her home's backyard, so we can economize our budget. uhm, it's nice idea, isn't it?

5. internet connection's here was suck! ooops, sorry I cursed.

6. o yeah, i bought pink cardigan from Marks & Spencer with 50% discounts!! yay!

7. i got 4 sks in english here. don't u believe that? i used to translate tool box meeting guide here, self assessment, and any other stuff for quality control things. let's see the bright side, i raised my knowledge in QSHE of course, but please, i hope i got another job.

8. can't wait 'til i go back to Java!! there are lot things to do!

ps. oooooh.... people... i miss you muuuuuch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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