March 31, 2009


i love planning. i don't believe that success comes from accident. yeah, maybe sometimes, but once again, i do believe, that everything, if you wanna get the best, just do preparation, preparation, preparation.

heck, what the worse is people sometimes change in last seconds. they forget their plan, they just change. whether if it goes to better way, and give the best result, i still hate it. i love keeping on my way, make it straight, without any differential in plan.

ok, to the point..
the thing is..
this morning was so hectic, and i was getting lost.
my boss (hopefully, he can't read this..hihi..) suddenly got some straightening to do, changed my schedule, which i've done hardly this week, darn!
i hate hectic in the morning!

for people who get mad with your boss, read this. it helps.

1 comment:

  1. huyy sistt !
    wahh kmu uda krjja jg yiaa ?
    smangadd ajj yiaa !
    *hhuw .