March 12, 2009

dolphin, missing, messy

(pics taken from here)

yay.. have you ever seen another beautiful creatures like her??
i've fallen in love since the first time i look at her.. (oh..c'mon La, stop calling the dolphin with female gender.. he.. but i like it! u don't mind, do you?)

gw jadi pingin liat lumba-lumba deh..
nope, i am not addicted with dolphin, they are cute enough, i love them, but i am pretty sure that i am not mad in love with them. some of my buds are crazy in love, so that they collect everything about dolphin and fulfill their room with blue and gray dolphin thingy. ow.. i am not that kinda person.

however.. have you realized... she is pink! yup, pink, sweet, innocent dolphin. i wonder, is it real picture or have they changed it with photoshop or any other programs? no idea. but, if she is real, i really wanna meet her. for real.

okey, let's talk another thing.
gw kangen banget berdebat. tapi sama orang itu. dan harus sama orang itu. never find in my life, people who can offsets me in quarrel. ohhhh.. crap, gw kangen sama dia, and i am totally feel losing, even i post it in my blog.

gw mulai ngaco,,tulisan mulai ga jelas, dan ga tau arah. messy. that's all folks for today.

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