April 14, 2009


holy molly!

hey, everyone, how's your holiday?
it's quite fun for me, but after all, again, human will never feel enough of everything, so i still expect longer holiday!
hehehe.. shame on me, i didn't go anywhere, just went to my hometown, and enjoy the atmosphere of my house.

time went rapidly, i even didn't see my young brother! he was so busy with school stuffs (they really give loooootsa homework nowadays! i keep on thinking how they can enjoy they teenage hood), and of course, dating with his girlfriend.
he keep relationship with many girls, i can't remember one by one, hee piss bro!)

anyway, i went to Selabintana. do you know it? it's some kind of large plateau, like Puncak, where we can have picnic there. i went with three of my friends, we didn't bring anything, just sat, and view scenery. how fool.

just intermezzo, i was falling in love with a post in this blog.
check it.

have you already watched Monsters vs Aliens?
i've planned it but still have no idea when.
must rescheduling, huff.. sometimes i miss my school-time.

1 comment:

  1. a green grass can always refresh a tiring soul ;)
    ajak2 dunk... belum pernah ke salabintana :p