April 07, 2009

Land Before Time

i forget how long has it been since i was daydreaming for last time. it's been a while, even i can't remember when. sigh, it's just like i am drowned in my daily act, and although i still have time for having fun, i forget my habitual, daydreaming.

you know, it's wonderful to imagine something that would never happen in reality. i always love Disney character. i love watching cartoon more than anything. see, everyone tell me that i am a childish, but whatsoever. watching cartoon is another way to enjoy the dream. i always smile when Tom tries hard to catch Jerry, laugh when Pooh does something stupid but sweet, and cry when the princess has her "happily ever after" ending.

one memorable movie in my life is The Land Before Time. it was unforgettable movie, with lot of loves, friendship, advice inside. i remember, my friends and i were pretending become character of that movie. geez, how childish we were! i used to be Littlefoot, we even made our own family tree! embarrassing.. but i miss that moment tough..

now, i know when some people says that you'll lost your imagination when you grow old. i almost have no time for daydreaming. i have hectic life, i even almost have no time for myself! all imagination, dream, little by little, disappears. sooner or later, you'll know how hard being an adult, and hoping to be kid forever.


  1. Being a kid forever -> Peter Pan's dream.

    Always take time for ourselves so there'll time for us to listen to the little sound in our heart ;)

  2. menyenangkan menjadi anak kecil lagi :(