September 20, 2010

Anger and Impatience

Should know from beginning, that anger and impatience wouldn't bring any good to our life, but sometimes, in meantime, although we never mean it, it happens. For example, today. I am a kind of people who always complain when Monday comes, hopes that weekend could be little bit longer, and hard to move my body out off bed, because of cold weather and comfort blanket. Imagine how lazy I am today, very not in good mood, and suddenly something's going wrong with my netbook. I  don't know what happen, my netbook keeps restarting on and on. It's annoying, my boyfriend just purchased it three days ago, now, we've already faced problems? So, I start to find someone to blame, and there he is. Okay, he is the one who purchased it, but maybe, who knows? There is always one in a million chance that you are given bad product, but it's not his fault. But all I think is, Oh my God, how could he be so sloopy, and didn't check the product first? So, I become angry, and angrier when I found that I've lost the task I've done before.

He says he's worried, and will try to come back to my place to see what's wrong with my netbook. I say no, but he insists. Now, he aren't able to be contacted, and I feel so much guilty. Where are you exactly?

So, see, once again my emotion beats me. I should think logically,not release irrational rage. At least, rage only bring regret to me.

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  1. well..blaming on something or someone other than our self much more easier, but eventually we're regret it sooner or later.