March 10, 2011


It always hurts when you don't get what you've expected. When you are a bunch of hopes, and suddenly.. bam! You are struck by reality, and reality's bitter.

And you're ended by complaining, being sad, stressful. You are falling apart from sky which has been created by your own imagination, to the deepest disappointment.

You've heard for a lot of times that you can always get what you want. You recognize it very well, but it turns that you have no idea to apply it. We, human, can be so pathetic one time, and be very wise another time. when we grow older and older, we'll feel mixed complicated feelings. Denial. Letting go. Sacrifice. Selfish.

By writing this, I realize that myself is one of most selfish annoying creature in this world. I keep grumbling, criticizing, differing right and wrong to other persons, while I rarely do it. keep thinking that I am one of pitiable person, that other person always get better than me, even when I've tried harder than them. God, I really have no idea how I could be such a hypocrite.

But will do better day by day. At least I'll try. Because, even I see myself as bad person, there will be people who love me unconditionally. Being around me, give their love and prayer, receiving me as who I am.

And you? How about you? Have you ever felt so hurt? So, let's wake up, and try something. Change! I wish we all can be better person. :)

PS. It's been rough week. Farewell, new place, adapting, and something under my expectations. For everyone who also have it, let's struggle together facing this life. You're not alone!


  1. You're not a selfish annoying creature, in fact I've found you very interesting.

  2. being dissapointed is really annoying, but that's life. We often understand about our circumstance, but sometimes drowing in the situation can cure it for a momment. gpp seh bersedih atau ngerasa kecewa. yang penting habis itu bisa bangkit,,,
    semangat dela... :)

  3. When life gives u lemon, make a lemonade :)
    Pain is a step to be a better person