June 30, 2011

Enchanted July

Finally! This June is crazily busy. Totally. Well, I am really glad it's finally over, and we're welcoming July! July is one of my favorite month, mainly because I was born in July, secondary because my boss approved my leave. Glad to know that finally I'll be having my holidays (nine days exactly), although I have no idea where to go, what to do. I've planned some, go to the beach, get complete facial treatment, buy a lot of books, learn to cook, but to be honest, after arranging my schedule, I still have a free week. My oh my, way too excited, even I almost couldn't sleep last night! :D

I am turning 23 this year, how old! I have some birthday wishes, but nothing is more important than this. Will tell you later about it, they said it's forbidden to talk about it, until you're sure that it'll happen.

About my review blog, uh-oh, I feel so guilty. The thing is when first I created this blog, I was thinking that I'm doing something that I love, and I don't want to feel pushed doing it. So, I feel sorry for you, who wait for my posts, but they don't come as fast as you hope. Life happens, and I should prioritize what most important for me. But, you should check these two, Fanda and Ana. Both of them are great reviewer, and I should confess that they inspire me a lot. :)

So, how's your life? Hope it's enchanting like ever!


  1. wow, happy birthday dela!

    kalo kehidupan sy, yg pasti saat ini sedang mengejar target sampai dengan 3bulan kedepan. target utama adalah LULUS! :D