June 08, 2011

First Love

They say it lasts forever. Well, I am kinda agree about it.
Forever in maybe we'll laugh everything about it, if somehow we are reminded of it, giggle our foolishness and wonder how we could do such a silly things, like obsessed with some (called cool) boys (or girls). Forever in someday we're going to tell our story to our children, and grandchildren, and make sure that they won't repeat the same mistakes, like we did.
We fell in love, then we leave, found another leave, then leave. It's beautiful to have all the stories, because (I think I've said it before), we can forget names, places, time, but we can't forget feeling. The beautiful feeling that we had it before, it still feels beautiful right, even when we don't have it anymore.
So, it doesn't mean you're unfaithful, when you say it lasts forever. It's like we remove a file in a recycle bin, it's there, but we don't need it anymore. :D


  1. yes we will remember the feeling, the excitement when we near the guy and the broken heart when we finally apart...
    even to this moment when i heard his name..the thoughts of him will surely be surfacing hehehe...*curcol*

  2. agree with you ;)
    Btw... nice new look ^_^

  3. teah, may that's just the way it is.

  4. hi.. im actually already back in jakarta..haha but i have lots of work to do, that's why my number of post is reducing lol

    www.glisters and blisters.com

  5. We can't forget feelings, that's so damn true!

  6. thats right, the feeling, and memories too, good or bad, are the ones that remain. somehow so bittersweet.. have a nice day dela :) btw, i like ur new font ;p

  7. I like the analogy..
    It's like we remove a file in a recycle bin, it's there, but we don't need it anymore. :D

    oh and btw IMO first love doesnt always mean the first BF