April 26, 2012

Inside My Bag

So, I didn't intentionally write this. I tidied up my bag yesterday night, there were some stuffs I should've thrown up since long time ago, unused bills, expired candies, ugh. The thing is I rarely change my bag, and clear it up. And it ended up with me taking some photos with these. Haha, I can't believe I carry all these stuffs all day.

My bag is Elle black tote bag. My husband gave me as wedding gift. I really love this bag. It looks tiny, but really spacious.

What's inside..

HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition. My whole work life (and my fun life too!) depend on this tiny netbook. Honestly, it's too small for me, 10.1 inches, but I can carry it easily with its only 1.2 kg weight.

Charles and Keith wallet. Wedding gift from my college-mate.

Umbrella. You'll never know when you need it.

Natasha pouch. I stuck all my charger for laptop, blackberry, iPod, earphone, mouse, and bank token inside of it.

Notebook and pen. For work absolutely.

Wallet card.

Blotting paper. From Clean and Clear. Really love this one.

ID Card.

iPod touch.

Samsung phone.

A Novel. This time is Little Prince. Actually I rarely bring a novel.

Oceanus Body Mist.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion in travel size.

A sanitary napkin.

Minyak angin. What do you call it in English? I often catch a cold, so it's a must bring. I often bring Tolak Angin too.

Revlon Matte Lipstick, "Mauve it Over" color.

And a Blackberry to capture these photos.

So that's it. I used to bring a cosmetic pouch, but lately I rarely do it, because it makes my bag heavier. Besides, I seldom do "touch up" so I guess I only need to bring an essential one.
What's inside your bag, and what's essential for you? Tell me in comment section! :)


  1. My bag is a disaster compare to yours.
    Anyway it's so cute that you carry Little Prince around. :D

  2. in side my bag? a bunch of papers and pencil and pen and... charger. not much eh :)

  3. susi mbak,,my lovely notebook,,>.<

    udah nikah kah mbak dela??
    hooo..selamat yak,,semoga sakinah mawadah warohmah,,,@.@/