June 12, 2009


sepertinya saya masih harus bersabar..

karena seperti eka bilang the sky yet is far from the brightness.

saya kenapa?
i won't tell you, it's private things! hahaha.. :D
let's talk any other things.

i had a nightmare.
actually i am not quite sure, whether it's nightmare or not.
the thing is, it was good dream.
i can't stop smiling, remembering how happy I am.. in that dream.

i was having good time,
enjoying every moment,
being with my all lovable persons.
i was laughing, smiling.
i was being protected.
i was in my comfortable zone.

so, was it a nightmare?
yes, it was!
it turned become nightmare, when i wake up and found everything was fake.
all are unreal.
it was totally nightmare when i found that things couldn't run like a dream.


it's totally fake, isn't it?


  1. At least u got it in da dream ;)

    heeem seeems the best song for u at the moment

    Wake me up when September ends by Greenday !

    Semangat yaaaa :)

  2. dreams could be reality..

    come on del..
    cheer up..
    up high..
    go to the sky..

    see the birds fly and dance in the sky..
    it's blue,
    it's clear,
    it's calm wind..

    dance and sway..
    make it real.

  3. Wake me up when September ends..
    yayaya...should listen it..

    go to the sky?
    kalo jatuh..sakit dunk?