June 26, 2009

why's so serious?

just a little update says that i've already watched TRANSFORMERS!

absolutely cool and amazing! must seen movie!

hahaha, however, i was a bit curious of its ending. it's like "huh? is it over? what happened next?"
oon ya? ;p
even, i must asked someone to repeat some scenes from the ending.

how about your days, guy?

i've been unlucky lately. i found myself writing on my messenger and facebook that i hate this month. so cynical, huh? the fact is i was being so unhappy-gloomy-annoying-miserable girl this month.
i've told you,huh, about rainbow, dream, and my fugitive.
but after all, even so hard, i was realizing that life is too beautiful to be scared of.

so, why's so serious???

and after all, there are many amazing people around me. nothing to scared of.
must learn a lot from Joker. i think he lives his life happily.

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