July 30, 2009


i am turning 21..

update at July 31th.

that was my birthday which i was waiting for.
i've been so busy all long day (i was at office almost for 24 hours! at my birthday! can you imagine that?)
i was like gonna crying and whimpering as if i could remove my birthday to another day. hahaha..
but, however, there were always rainbow, rite?
at middle of the day, i got a cute surprise! someone gives me fancy ice cream cake! It was so cute in pink, even i didn't want to eat it. i just stared it, and suddenly felt so "uh-wow"...

everybody came and said happy birthday and i was so glad! this is my first birthday at office, and i didn't expect they will remember it.
(or they did because of tart,hm? :) )

after all..
thanks Allah for giving me such as nice and beautiful live for this 21 years..

thanks for "tambah usia"nya juga ya... ;p


  1. Slmt hari lahir bu....

  2. ucapannya udh di FB yah ;)

    anw... u finally got d rainbow in Jakarta yah ;)

  3. ice cream??
    my god... that must be melting....