March 01, 2010

Another Announcement

Hey everyone! Thanks for participating in Pick A Bag, i absolutely appreciate it. Well, actually, I've decided it, but let me tell you later. :)

Well, i'd like to share you about two great giveaway. One, held by Michelle from Glisters and Blisters, do you know this amazing fashion blog? She arrange nice giveaway, and you should join it! Free jewelry for all of you!! Further information, click here!

I am drooling! Can you see how cute this ring???

Well, another one is FREE book!! aaah.. how i love books sooooo much! I always love idea of getting free book, and this time, the nice person who giving it is Vixxio, book-store from Surabaya. If you hadn't visited them, do visit them, cause they sell used books, and you can purchase it with very berry cheap prize!

And, for free books, you can see here. I almost scream when i see Mary Higgins Clark is one of them! Oh, I love her! I always love her thriller plot, and.. oh.. i mumble too much. I'll tell about her in my book blog.

Tempting! I want this one!!! XD

So, what are you waiting for? Go get them!!


  1. aww i hope you win the giveaway? did you join it?

    and the book sounds great!