August 01, 2008

"tahun ke 15"

It's been 15 years since we meet each other. . .

Hard to explain how I felt that day. .
I saw a little girl beside her mom, come toward us (me and my mom). .
it was my first day in elementary school. .

I was excited, because I would go to my first school.
Real school, not like my kindergarten, which always consists of play and sing,

I planned to be an "it" girl in my first school, so I remembered that I have a bad feeling, when her mother told me, "Dela sekolah dimana? Wulan di Cisuda I lho.."

I felt that girl would stole some attention from me, because she was also five, like me, younger than every kids usually..

But, time has passed by. .
Now, I feel I can't survive without her!!

I think the only reason is our indifference. .
I feel that I am her. .
and I'm sure that she'll think the same. .

we need no call, no e-mail, no message, but we've known each other. .
we have something more than that, something that I can't explain. . .

Our friendship is connecting our heart,
I hope we'll be best friend together. .

PS. Lan, Happy 15th Anniversary . . . .
I'm so proud to have you!!!
Miss you much!!!

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