August 10, 2008

wish,wish,wish,wish,wish,wish,wish,only wish!

wish list. . .

1. Pillars of The Earth, kalo bisa sekalian World Without End-nya Ken Follet.

2. Perfect glowing high heels.

3. Eclipse

4. Breaking Dawn (dua-duanya dari Stephenie Meyer)

5. Envelope bags-nya Utopia (can anyone help me, helluuuuuw??)

He, I lie. . .

Nope, I just want everything's alright, meet the end at the perfect time and perfect place. . .

I just want my mum, being here, and always supporting my condition. .

But. really I won't refuse if one will give me those five thing,huhuhu. .

Huff. . .

once again, I was beaten down with my emotion, supposed it shouldn't happened, but it did!

Being mad with everyone, crying myself, every fool things that I supposed to refuse. .

I'm 20 now, but I haven't felt any change in me. .

I just don't get it. .

I'm so confuse. .

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