November 17, 2008

Live from Cibubur

Hah,it's just unbelieveable. I've been here,for a week..many things become tough and beautiful at same time. Yeah,like roller coaster.
So painful. I mean it. Be unfocus, and keep on pretending is my daily act. After last nightmare on Friday, i keep crying, crying, and crying. Wanna runaway, and must have done it, as if i didnt remember my mum. I even thought of death. Trust me, it's so painful, my heart keep beating unrhytmely, and i was lost on my own way.

During this week, i've been following an orientation for new employees. We have been being trained by some armies military. Yup, i wasnt kidding. MILITARY. i enjoyed it,as long as i didnt remember my fam's problem. I was so tired,being happy-calm-gladful girl in front of all my friends. But,it didnt matter. All i've done is for my mum.. (Read this carefully mum,even i tried be brave enough to hug those cobras, just for you!)

I am missing my guys already. Basecamp guys. This situation remind me of them, and i cant get them out of my head. I love them.

Lan texts me,she just wanna know when i will go home. I laughed at heart,got a big confusing at where i will go home. Where's my home now? I have no idea,but gosh, i am starting to miss her too..

Struggling hard here every day.SO HARD. Against our tiring,facing some new rules (u wont believe, i'll publish some pics later,when i am home),and keep surviving from a new fling. It is SO DANGEROUS,and i dont want being trapped anymore. NEVER.

Almost being mad,but start to enjoy it.keep positive thinking,there are people who still love me sincerely.
Even,after every hard storm,
Rainbow appears...


  1. iya na... badai pasti berlalu... okey syg?

    aku percaya huna bisa

  2. wkkwkw,,,yg penting skrg,,, MEdan MEdann