November 11, 2008

more pics of me. hope it didnt make you bored

Oh yeah..i’ve promised you too, for publishing my office, but sorry I hadn’t taken lotsa pics, cuz I’am still new person here, I must impress them, and showing as if I am working hard, instead of taking pics there, there, and there..hehe..
It’s batik, which means Friday. And have I mentioned that I really love Friday? when everything are out of box, and I must not wear my WHITE SHIRT,haha..

Yes, I was sitting in front of my desk. Behind me, there is Mrs. Santi’s desk, who is my boss, so I must be careful, always, to prevent she, catching me up when I was using internet connection for silly things (yeah,like friendstering)

My desk!!!
Haha..finally you see it. I know, every tiny things go mess around, haha, but that wasn’t my fault. 75 % of those things isn’t my belongings, so I don’t want waste my time to make it tidy. Haha, selfish. After all, I’ll leave it, cuz few weeks later I’ll go to Medan.

Wait..wait.. I haven’t told you yet.

I’ve been removed to Medan. The letter came about two days ago, informed that I would be allocated in Medan after new employee’s orientation in Cibubur this week. Shocked? Yeah, a bit. I’ve prepared it, cuz there’s an issue before, telling it too. Ready? No, I think I will never be ready for my whole life. Being far from my family is usual for me. But, from my sweetest thing. I couldn’t take any guarantee. I am not brave. I am scared. So much. But it’s life. Can’t go with our own way. Haaah.. I am so lazy to discuss this Medan-things. Let’s catch this up later.

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