November 26, 2008

Medan i am..

Medan, unknown city, place that i've never visited before..
too bad, i was the one who be sent here by my office, just two days after opb in cibubur..
packing made me tired, also sad.
how come? i've just stayed in jakarta for a month, and after hard adaptation, i was forced to left, and move into new situation. peevish.

my heart was beating fast when my plane landed in polonia.. everything was so strange and unusual..
haha..fortunately, i have two friends for accompanying me, so i wont get bored at all..

and guess???
i am one and only GIRL in office!!! i mean it..
geez, miss beti so much ( she has been sent to surabaya ), i've no idea how i'll through it all. wish me luck.

no time for going around. i hope i'll have some break times for hanging out. i cant wait til i can see how pretty medan is, so i wont complaint, and keep my sadness.
hope, it can end soon.

ok, lunch time is coming, and i have to go..
sorry, i just can update it shortly, i promise, next time will be better..

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