November 11, 2008

lotsa pics from my graduation day

Hahaha.. blogreaders, I’ve tried being honest with you. I’ve been preparing this writing since a night before, instead of arranging it directly, live (cast in place, according to civil phrase,huhu..funny..) like I usually do. the reason is a day before it (which means today, when I prepare this posting) my boss has complaint me about how long I’ve used my time for browsing, blogging, and friendstering instead of working. (whether I guess it didn’t true, I’ve done my job, and she didn’t ask me to do anything, why couldn’t I do something more important? hehe). Yeah, whatever it is, I think it’ll be better if I make this at home, so tomorrow, I’ll can post it by copying and pasting, so it won’t take long time. And she won’t complaint me again,hoho..

It’s strange to say that I am lack of idea. Serious. I dunno what to write. I feel like a dumb. I don’t blame myself, even most creative authors have through their hard times, aren’t they? And me, I just ordinary girls, with personal blog, trying to impress everyone else with my unimportant bla..bla..and cas..cis..cus..and kwek..kwek..kwek.. (kidding, I really NEVER mean to impress anyone. NEVER) so, why can’t I feel an emptiness, and blankness?

So I’ll fulfill my promise to publish some pics. I’ve told you I’ll attach some pics here, which should be set in few times ago, but pardon me, cuz of my laziness to bring a data cable, so I can’t remove all my photos.

Remember? I’ve graduate just about a week ago. Here’s some pics from my graduation day.

Me and my dearest friends. I’ve just separated with them for few days, but it feels like thousands ages! I couldn’t imagine that I’ll find another like them. How precious you are in my life!

From left to right : Tosan, Wuri, me, Vega, Adit. We’ve struggle hard and finally! This is the day, friends! Our time’s arrived. But life is just begun,,

Dunno, why I sets this pic. Wime took it, and seems it great and funny. Narcist. Haha..

Speechless. I am just missing him.

Still speechless.

Gold heels : me
Black-dirty-ugly sneakers : my brother.

Yup, my brother, he used sneaker on my graduation day. I know he’s so casual, but please, can’t he respect one day –just one day in my life--- to look formal?? But I don’t think he’ll try hard. That was the proof.

Yup..some pics from my personal life.
I hope it won’t bore you all, cuz I really like share my narcism to everyone..haha,,

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