November 28, 2008

a note from manager's desk

geez, no idea for writing something. i feel my mind is stumped. what's up dela???
usually, i always have some ideas to be poured down,


i got a comment from someone, dunno who is she/he.. (can u tell me?)
but thanks a lot, progressivaholic, i really didnt expect to be someone's inspiration,hehe

i thought today will be great, i really love friday,
batik-day, and i have an hour-free for myself in room, when all the men in this office going to Jumat pray. and what's better than weekend tomorrow???
but, everything' getting disorder, when i heard a news just now. sorry, can't tell u what it tells, my privacy, but it reverse my world here!
i think world will never be prettier as before,he..

i was surprised, my moving to Medan didnt need a tough adaptation. i like being here, i love people around me.. (yeah, yeah..) and i haven't felt any loneliness yet. (dunno what's going on tomorrow). i feel so much fun and hope it'll last until i come back to jakarta.
one of my trifling problem is no girlfriend here, but it isn't important at all. i can handle it.

i cant wait til having around in this city, culinary travel, taste durian (you wont believe, here, durians are so cheap!!!! you can get 3 by paying only 25 thousands rupiah!), and of course shopping! i haven't shop for this month, i still wonder who i will ask for accompanying me,

i miss head office, a bit.
i miss the smell of dvrt's room.
i miss hiding from mrs.santi when i chatted.. (he, sorry mrs..)
i miss time when mr. partha calls me, and gives me some presenting job, and tells me the he doesn't like bright colors, nor dark colors.
i miss beti..huhu..
i miss gang senggol, we have no canteen here, we have no "food court" like gang senggol here..

yayayay! many things that i've already missed.
cant wait til we meet again.


  1. do u miss me?
    hmmm..menarik juga commentmu na,medan jadi rame.. he.. aku mau sh na.. tapi... tiket pesawatnya itu lho... sumpah mahal bgt

  2. jealous with your english :p