October 12, 2009

I've been trying for a while, starting my paused writing life again, but dammit, i really have no idea what to write.
so i dare myself, write again, write anything, any other things which swings in my mind, i don't care whether i blurb with no purpose, or just make bad idea in writing, or some trash that i shouldn't put here.
i wanna write so bad.
so bad til it feels like explosion in my heart.


as i told you before, i have a new life.
it seems like you open a door without any knowledge what inside.
scared, nervous, excited, lonely.
yes, once again, i feel so lonely with this crowd around.
i hate adapting.
like i try to waste all relationships before, and getting to know new people.
getting to build my new "family".


sometimes, i don't even know which one is friend or enemy.
people act nice, they can stab your back.

once again in life, i feel so empty.
i don't know where i going through.

1 comment:

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