October 15, 2009

morning tea

morning everyone, morning headache, morning my unfit babe, morning suckling traffic jam, morning laziness.
it's 8. 41 am, but i find none at my office. are they have similar laziness like me?
i found so hard to get off my bed, i want crawl and hide under my blanket! i don't want think about any soldier pile (and no fellas, soldier pile doesn't mean pile prajurit! c'mon!), or where i must put dewatering point at my project. argh! i wanna runaway for a second.

i don't know, i feel like i am not ready for growing up.
there's a part of me which want to stay childish, and take no care for situation around. put egoism above everything.
so many to be thought, and i really devastated about it.

oh my,
boss is coming!
okay, see you later!
lotsa kisses!

1 comment:

  1. bu dela...
    bahasa inggrisnya jago banget
    kapan2 ajarin aku yaa.. :-)
    aku kagum banget
    dan ikutan jadi salah satu fans mu yaa...