October 15, 2009

nighty milky

what a tiring day!
i've been called, go there, sit here, type this, count it, and my boss continuously ask me whether i've finished my job. he's so unstoppable. he's nice but sometimes a bit impatient, and rarely i wanna shout, "oh c'mon! it's not as simple as simsalabim abrakadabra!"

i want J.Co Heaven Berry so bad!
so ironic, me, only separated by few meters away from nearest J.Co counter, but i even can't escape from my office for grabbing one Heaven Berry!
such as living in one of greatest book market in Jakarta, but don't have enough spare time for traveling through it. i hate it. work, work, and work. spending many times in my life for working.

strangely, sometimes i love my job. there's a time when i feel so grateful, i feel like i am in love with my job. my heart beats faster when i find new challenge, and i am so excited to solve new problem. so, here i am. at the middle of love-hate. confuse to decide. am i loving? am i hating?

there's lot things have happened in one day. one tiring day.
i still don't know when i will go home (hope it soon!) and taste Heaven Berry (still!)

Love you,,

Good news. Case of soldier pile is closed. Suddenly i feel so in love with my structural consultant (he suffers flu, poor him.. if i were him, i really don't want to be disturbed by any kind of Plaxis or PC-ACOL while i have bad influenza and sneeze all time. but he did it! thanks God.)
so, it's time to think about another problem.
geez, we still have 7.5 months until the building is finished. wish us luck!

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