December 07, 2009


i just wanna say, i am becoming mad, because there are lot sales around me, but i am on my effort to minimize my expenses! i want to save more, but for god sake, it means no shopping (err..okay, a bit shopping), less hang out, and replace cinema with DVDs!
it'll be going so hard, you know, it's December, and December means YEAR END SALE!!!!

i had skipped many things. Kickfest, Kemang Festival (ergh, i've been waiting for so long, and after all! i missed it! :( ), Book Festival, and others. and now, they will celebrate local designer rule in BrightSpot Market, and i still dunno whether i can come or no ( and buy something, of course!!)

it's killing me, people!!!
wondershoe just produced two new design, and i am so salivating!!!
huff,,,inhale, exhale..

any idea, so i can out off these all shopping stuffy???

and oh guys, maybe if you have spare time, you can visit my new page here. ng, i know, this blog even haven't been good enough, but i can't stand for creating new one! Visit!! :)

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