December 21, 2009

DVDs marathon again!!

back to long weekend (even a bit disturbed with erection of tower crane in my project), i've been sank in dvds again.

1. Hairspray (2007)
okey, me likey this movies! i've watched it like thousand times! :) i just love its sixties style, how Nikki Blonsky sing and dance! she's just drop dead gorgeous! :) i forced my bf to watch it, and he seems like a bit sleepy, but after all he gives 8.5 from 10 for this movie! yipee! :p

2. (500) Days of Summer (2009).
my bf was officially falling a sleep when i watch it. actually, i feel curios to see it, because there's so many tweets in my timeline, share how good and touchy it is. what can i say, it's not ordinary movie. it's not love story with happy ending, but you'll not regret for watching it. so, be it.

3. The Blind Side (2009)
Having a different theme from Avatar, (yeah, i've watched it, and it was incredibly genius! i'll tell you later) i could say it's best drama movie of this year. featuring life of Michael Oher, a footbal player (yes, it is. it's based on extraordinary true story), this movie teaches us how to respect each other. i was delighted by how Touhy family accepts Michael as a part of their family.

4. The Green Mile (1999)
yes, it's our champion!!! how can i missed such as good movies! geez, this movies could make me smile and cry at the same time. i felt it has similar theme as Shawshank Redemption, and found they have same director. i can't tell you more, just watch it. you will learn about affection, love, and how miracle could happen in everywhere, even in the death row.

too bad, i couldn't find 2nd season of Veronica Mars, i'll try to search again next weekend, but i watched two other movies in cinema.

1. Planet 51 is hilarious! i couldn't stop laughing, and being grateful. i looked children everywhere, and thanked God, there are still persons who want to make them movies. they laughed out loudly, i dunno whether they understand tho movies or not. :p

2. Avatar.
it's been 10 years after James Cameron creating Titanic, and he disappears. and suddenly, he's coming back with this magical, breath-taking, awesome movie! holy, my friends keep talking about this movie in facebook, twitter, and blog, i just can't wait to watch it! :)
it's wordless. i don't know words to describe it. the movie is beautiful. readers, please enter the world of Avatar! :)

and, okay, i spam. but i can't take not to write all of this. hope you're enjoying your weekend too, cause we're gonna face it again in X mas!!!

PS. you can read my late work at project at here.


  1. Sepertinya selera pilem kita beda Del :) hehe

  2. @mbak eka... seleranya mbak Eka kayak gimana.. :D

  3. hello dela :D thanks for your comment on my blog. hihihi
    aku udah blogwalking ya. aaaaah you're so lucky, udah nonton new moon. aku belom -_-

  4. Great choices!! I've watched (500) Days of Summer like 17 times already, and The Green Mile made my cry like a baby the last time I watched it, so I'll never watch it again. Avatar was awesome! Wasn't it? Ah! Love!

  5. ada cassey.. :)
    hehehe.. i watched (500) Days of Summer because of your tweets! you tweet it like thousands times!!

    @talita..ayo dunk,,,cepet ntn!!keren lho.. :)