December 03, 2009

New Moon

i've met Cullens yesterday night.
i was so exciting before, imagine different movie from the first. Chris Weitz is good enough at Golden Compass, so i put high expectation to this movie.
and well.
on my opinion, i didn't mean to harm anyone, especially Twihard, i am liking Twilight Saga movie also, but the movie was so-so..
nothing special, uh.. lot of cute guys in a night, of course, but beside that, i felt the plot was so slow and boring.
i wasn't blaming anyone. from all books, New Moon is most boring one. it must be hard to realize it in movie form.

anyway, chemistry between Bella and Edward is still number one.
i really love the ending when Edward proposes Bella with no romantic way.
well, best part in this movie, maybe.

still, i can't wait for Eclipse too. it will be awesome, absolutely.


  1. Dela....yogi nih, masih inget kan?? huehehehe....

  2. @yogi..
    rr..yogi smp, yogi sma, yogi kuliah, ato yogi temen kerja ya?
    hehehe.. :p