December 14, 2009

it's killing me!!

Veronica Mars!!!!!

i dunno if i were too late to know this series, but, bye bye Gossip Girls. Veronica is coming! hehehe.. :)

it's already 14 on December. geez, what have i done, so this year had gone just as it? time flies by, so fast, it gets me breathless. what results do i get? 2010 is coming, and it scares me a bit.

everyone make their resolutions for next year. i must admit, i haven't thought about it already. should i make it? ow, i just remember that i had a 2009 resolution. maybe i should compare between them. plan and reality. yeah, i must do it.

or, maybe i shouldn't take this seriously.

anyone who finish their resolutions? can you share me some ideas that maybe should be done in 2010? :)


  1. satu hal yang harus q lakukan buat taun depan

    simple tapi penting banget

    memperganteng diriku yang udah ganteng ini

    *narsis mode on*

    dirimu ndiri punya targt apa tahun depan????

  2. @putra..
    hai,hai..long time no see.. :)
    ng,,blum tau si, targetnya nabung lebih banyak lagi buat persiapan merit kali ya..
    hahaha... :)